Less than 100 days remained for REACH registration of chemicals? Wrong!

If you import or manufacture more than 100 t/y per chemical substance, you will have just 69 working days from now on, to fulfill your REACH (Reg. 1907/2006) obligations. In the same time it could take about 3 months or even more, to register your substance(s) see more

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And counting down!

If we look at the calendar, actually there are 99 days since today (21 Feb 2013) until 31 May 2013, which is the deadline for registration of chemical substances imported or manufactured in quantities 100 to 1000 t/y.

But the REACH IT, which is the internet portal for communication with ECHA and, which is more important, used for submission of the registration dossiers, works only in working days. The opening hours of REACH IT are Monday to Friday 9:00 – 18:00 local time. Also there are two public holidays. So there remains only 69 days for registration! Tomorrow they will be 68, etc.

Actually how much time you will need in case you choose the mostly wide spread approach – purchasing “Letter of Access” (LoA) to get registered by the deadline.

The steps and the timings are:

  • Communication with the consortium to sign a contract and to pay for LoA and to receive the token and the rest files – usually takes about two weeks;
  • Sameness laboratory analysis – could take a month.
  • Preparation of the registration dossier – if you have the latest version of IUCLID already installed and if you are enough experienced – it will take a week,  otherwise about a month.
  • Technical check by ECHA. If the Agency is not overloaded, they work really fast – couple of hours to a day for a decision. But this is the most optimistic scenario. If your have any non compliances in your dossier, the decision will be negative and you have to correct it. If you ask ECHA for advice, they will answer in several working days. So in order to be on the safe side, it’s better to have 2 or 3 weeks for approval of the dossier.
  • During this process you have to pay to the consortium and to ECHA (if you don’t have consultant to be paid also). Depending on you internal cash flow organisation, this could take up to 2 weeks – ask you accountancy dept for details.

So if you start now you will need 2 or 3 month to get your registration finished. Compare this with the 69 working days, remaining from today 21 Feb till 31 May 2013 and do the math.

Some actions can be performed in parallel, some can be done faster, but this is a matter of experience. So its better to call a consultant.

We do consulting in this area since 2006, so call us.


ECHA just announced a decrease of the taxes for SME with 5 percentage points.

The SMEs will benefit discount of 35% to 95% of the standard registration tax.

In order to keep its revenue unchanged, ECHA will increase the standard fees (payable from non SMEs) by 4%.

The IUCLID plugin will be updated accordingly.

This will be effective from 22 March 2013.

More information here.